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 Coronavirus Prevention and the urgent need for a deep clean!

  Spring deep cleaning of your house or office is becoming an urgency. Coronavirus prevention is of paramount importance for the safety of your family, employees and clients alike across Montreal and all over the country.

  Coronavirus has put cleaning on top of priorities for everyone. So, it makes sense that there is a huge pressure on cleaning businesses across the region. But, what should be focused on, nowadays, is how are the residential and commercial cleaning services protecting their clients from the coronavirus. 

  At The Montreal Maids, we make sure that all your house or office is totally disinfected and sterilized. We take cleaning seriously, to a whole different level. We go far as not to cross-contaminate different areas of the homes or commercial facilities. To make sure our maids and cleaners do not spread germs from one room to the next, The Montreal Maids decided to use a color-coded system. That is, each color is used for one area only. As for example, the green cloths are only used in living rooms and common areas, while the blues are used for glass and mirrors. The red cloths are for the kitchen and washrooms, why? because they are the most alarming places in your house. It’s where germs and viruses proliferate quickly.

  Another measure to be taken these day is that our cleaners wear their plastic booties and gloves, disinfect their vacuums between houses and never use the same glove twice. The extra precautions are especially important. 

  We do our best to provide you with the safest cleaning solutions. We know that those with comprised immune systems are most at risk during this corona virus outbreak. It’s not about just keeping your homes or working places clean, but protecting your peace of mind. It’s a good feeling that you are safe, comfortable and better about yourself and the ones you love because you are in a nice, clean and sterilized environment again.

  At The Montreal Maids, we are aware of this fact. That’s why our most purpose of cleaning is mainly sanitizing and disinfecting. It’s a service where we spray everything with a sanitizer and after we wipe down until we are sure the surfaces are completely cleaned and free of viruses and bacteria. This type of cleaning is a real deep clean that will leave no stone un-turned. We care about high traffic and touching surfaces such as doors, bathrooms and desks. 

  It’s obvious that, recently, a lot of our clients have been asking for a more intensive cleaning services across The Great Montreal area. We don’t want anybody to get sick. That’s why we do our utmost to turn your house or office into a safe place.

  What the deep clean really looks like?

 Floors and any surface your skin could touch, The Montreal Maids works to disinfect and sterilize. However, all-comprehensive deep cleaning services can be expensive. But, if you want to do it on your own, we do offer free cleaning tips on our website page.

  The deep cleaning is meant to destroy germs, while vacuuming and dusting get rid of visible dirt and grime. The only way to tackle germs and bacteria is to sanitize or disinfect surfaces. You need to spray the disinfectant and wait for 10 minutes before you wipe down the surfaces. In order for a disinfectant to effective and destroy harmful bacteria and viruses, soils should be taken out of surfaces of the object to be cleaned. Disinfectant cleaners remove soils and kill germs  in one time saving step.

  At The Montreal Maids, we use effective diluted solutions that are extremely powerful against many types of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

  What’s the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting?

In fact, people tend to confuse disinfecting and sanitizing, which actually doesn’t kill germs but reduces the number of harmful bacteria to a safer level in order to create a more healthy environment. Disinfecting, on the other hand, kills germs. That’s why it’s always important to disinfect surfaces in the kitchen, washrooms and nursery. This way you can control the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria by frequently disinfecting high volume touched places such as door handles, remote controls and telephone receivers.

  How often should you disinfect surfaces? well, a regular habit of washing your hands after using the toilet helps stop the spread of disease. Always make sure to disinfect the kitchen, countertops and cutting boards before and after preparing foods that may contain harmful bacteria.

 We love Montreal, so we are here to make Montreal windows shine. We make sure to use our best cleaning services to accomplish this task in a sustainable way by using ecological, green cleaning products. We are sure to help get your office or house shine again, and we promise a sparkling clean place once again. Check our website for more cleaning services, http://montrealmaidclean.ca/The Montreal Maids is, definitely, the BEST CLEANING SERVICES you can rely on in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, Westmount and West-Island.