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Having A Clean House Will Save You Money

having a clean house will save you money 

  House Cleaning Services Montreal a really important part of getting a clean home or apartment

  Keeping the house clean will always save you a lot of money, reduce absence, less sick leave and give your home a better image. Cleaning residential houses is very important, due to the dust that accumulates, due to allergies, germs and mites that are very annoying, due to the aesthetics of your facilities and static electricity. There are many reasons why we must always keep carpets and rugs clean. At The Montreal Maids, we do the cleaning of rugs and carpets well, we will vacuum them in depth as often as necessary with special care, since the presence of dust on these floors is critical.

The dust inserted inside the rugs and carpets acts under the effect of footsteps like razor blades, sectioning and wearing down the fiber, so we will exclusively use total HEPA filter batting vacuum cleaners to ensure effective dust removal and prevent premature wear.

According to a pre-established program and adapted to the specific circumstances, such as degree of dirt, characteristics of the carpet and carpet, etc.… At The Montreal Maids we will carry out a deeper cleaning of carpets in Montreal using the shampooing system with dry foam or extraction injection system which, in addition to exerting a cleaning action, will aim to enhance the colors of these floors, restoring their original appearance. We will remove stains regularly and every time they occur, avoiding that long time does not pass to avoid their penetration into the textile fiber, in which case their cleaning would be more difficult. With our application systems, the protective layer is fully adhered to the fiber in a very short time, forming an invisible film that helps to preserve the appearance of the textiles and prolongs their useful life by up to 60%, thus avoiding that These coatings are a haven for bacteria.

Finally, at the end of the house cleaning, we will carry out a waterproofing and fireproofing treatment and a treatment for static electricity to prevent the carpets, upholstery and rugs from staining or catching fire. Our protection systems, apart from not posing toxic or allergic risks for users of carpets and rugs, perfectly withstand washing processes without losing their properties.There are multiple advantages that microfiber provides in the cleaning company.

The objective of this article is to convey, to the cleaning sector, the objective advantages of the system in the various processes in which cloths, mops or similar are used. In the Hygienic aspect, the microfiber absorbs the micro-dust and the chemical residues that cause allergies, prevents the development of germs and bacteria which can reach an increase in several hours in the presence of water and chemical residues. In the economic aspect increases the performance of the cleaning company considerably, evaluating up to 20%. It also considerably reduces the use of chemicals in some cases. Ultimately increases performance with less effort. Microfiber can be used both for dry cleaning in general, as well as wet cleaning for dirt or grease stains as well as wet cleaning for heavy stains. It absorbs up to 8 times its own weight and its positive static electricity attracts and holds dust.

  Microfiber utensils, be they cloths, mops or other cleaning elements, are easy to maintain since they can be washed up to 90 degrees with detergent and without the use of softeners or bleaches. At this temperature we have effective cleaning and disinfection, although for greater sanitation it can be used in an autoclave. Communities and associations are also part of our homes, so the cleaning and maintenance of our communities should not be left to anyone. Community cleaning and maintenance companies are professionals and we know what type of cleaning we should carry out in each community according to its nature and the materials with which it is built.

A cheap company, a freelancer, or hiring anyone who is not a professional in both maintenance and cleaning, in the end will eventually be much more expensive than hiring a specialized community cleaning company. Using inappropriate products for cleaning communities can damage both the vertical walls and the entire floor of the portals, landings and steps, turning black and also deteriorate them. For each community we do a preliminary study and a budget without obligation to carry out some of these works. Our cleaning and maintenance company is made up of the best professionals who specialize in preserving and caring for all areas of the community so that they remain in perfect cleaning and maintenance conditions for longer. The materials and utensils that we will use will be the most appropriate in each case and will be adapted to the existing needs of the materials that your community is built, which will guarantee the safety and quality of the work we do. The windows corresponding to access doors will be treated with anti-fingerprint products.

 The floors will be vacuumed or scrubbed with the most suitable product according to their nature, the gold and metal will be treated with metal cleaning products. The carpentry will be cleaned depending on the material in which it is built. The crystals are first moistened and dragged with a glass cleaning racket. Dirt retardant product will be used.

 Every day graffiti is more difficult to remove due to its chemical composition and the surfaces to be treated. Cleaning companies have the necessary chemical products for disposal, and high pressure machines with autonomous hot water. We also have resins and polymers for the protection and waterproofing of the facades to be treated, so graffiti can be easily removed with common products. State-of-the-art technology can also be used, Hydrophobic and Oil-repellent, for the protection of all Vertical Surfaces, with the Montreal Maids particles Repellent to water and dirt from contamination and pollution, all surfaces will look cleaner for much longer and also reject graffiti that can be cleaned with water and a cloth.

  At The Montreal Maids, we clean houses and apartments throughout Montreal, Longueuil and Laval. We also offer other cleaning services such as deep cleaning, spring cleanings, move in/out cleaning services and apartment cleaning services in Montreal. We offer regular cleaning services every day, weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis. Regular cleaning is one of the best and easiest way to keep your house clean and tidy.

  It’s evident that you can’t just hire any residential home cleaning company and except great cleaning results. Pro house cleaning companies know that you need to be careful in your selecting process. You can get good results, but only if it’s done in the right way.


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