what’s the daily routine to clean your kitchen?

  The best thing you can do to keep your kitchen clean and organized, is to start with today’s stuff first. Do all the dishes and when you finish, wipe up all the spills. You can also clean up while you’re cooking. Fill a dishpan with hot water and dish-washing liquid. Then, put in used cups, spoons, utensils and dirty items. Clean inside and outside using a soapy sponge. Try to make it a habit to wash dirty dishes every night. Wipe grease and food from your counters, backsplashes and microwave with a sponge. As for the cleaning product, you can use all-purpose disinfectant cleaner or diluted solution of liquid chlorine bleach to wipe counters, faucets, cabinets and door knobs as well as other frequently touched surfaces. 

  After you’ve finished, sanitize sponges and dishcloths, then sweep the floor and empty the trash and recycling bins if found. It will take you only a few minutes with your kitchen to tackle your daily cleaning projects.