My daughter is attending school and lives in a one bedroom small apartment.  Sh is slightly disabled and needs assistance to clean her apartment weekly.  It’s mostly dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen including dishes.  Could you let me know what you would charge for 1-2 hours of work weekly and the one time deep clean, too?

We would like a quote on a three storey, 3 bedroom, 2 and 1\\2 bathrooms semi detached in Montreal. Willing to focus on main two floors for sale of budget, which would mean one less full bathroom. Thank you.

– I would like to know how much it would cost to get our 2 bedroom apartment cleaned.

Thank you.

I am interested in your services and would like a quote. I have a small 4.5 in Lachine and I am looking for cleaning services as soon as possible.

I am looking for someone to clean the entrance way of a four-plex with an indoor
stairwell. Is it possible to get a quote?

We are interested in having our condo cleaned on an occasional basis. We need a cleaner for January 25, 2021. We need the house cleaned, the sheets and towels washed, beds made, run the dishwasher, check for damages. We rent our condo out on long-term basis at times, and live in it at other times. Please let me know what the cost for cleaning is and if you have availability on Jan. 25 or 26. Thank you.

I would like to request a quote for residential cleaning. We live in the St-Hubert area. We have 2 floors, 3 bedrooms, 1 master bathroom and a small powder room on the main level.

I’m looking for job and I have a lot of experience in cleaning. Are you guys hiring?

Hello I live on Nun’s island in a town house and would like a quote for biweekly cleaning.
I have animals.
The town house has one full bath, one powder room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one office, laundry room. Stairs are carpeted, small entrance.

I’d like to get a quote for a deep cleaning service. Given the size of the house and the fact that senior citizens live there with a lot of accumulated items such as picture frames, statuettes or other decorative pieces, magazines, etc needing to be dusted, this may require 2 persons to clean.

This would be for only the first floor of a duplex building without the basement which includes: 2 bedrooms, one large living room and dining room area, kitchen, one bathroom and another small boudoir/living room. It’s an extensive project since there’s a ton of stuff around, therefore I would rather not have only one person doing this deep cleaning job in one day so it’s done well since the place hasn’t been thoroughly clean in a very long time given the age of the residents.

Can you let me know how long this would take and how much for 2 ppl to come and clean?

PS: Should we be happy with the results of the deep cleaning, we’d love to use you again to tackle the furnished basement level at another time.


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