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Residential House Cleaning Cost in Montreal, top 25 results

residential house cleaning cost in montreal: 2020 maid service pricing 

top 25 results! 

  House Cleaning Services in montreal, how much does it cost?

  Are you looking for a residential cleaning service, but not quite sure how much to pay? well, the average cost of house cleaning service depends on several factors. However, a good cleaning of your house typically falls in the 60$ to 150$ range. Actually, each cleaning company has its unique pricing justified by the quality of services to be delivered. Another element of paramount importance is how many bedrooms you have. Is it a house, apartment or Condo? Where are you located? Is it in The Island of Montreal, Longueuil, South Shore or Laval North Shore? So all these elements are taken into consideration before determining the price for cleaning your property.

 Here Are Some secrets we will cover in this topic:

1- how much the residential cleaning costs?

2- house vs apartment!

3- regular cleaning vs deep clean

 When you set your cleaning schedule, you can go for a regular or a one time deep cleaning. But, what’s the difference between the two services? In fact, the regular clean is highly recommended after the deep clean is performed. Why? because, it prepares your home for a general cleaning. The one time off one is more detailed and considered an all-comprehensive formula. Everything will be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized. From cupboards, baseboards to kitchen being sanitized completely and much more. This type of cleaning can be customized to your house or apartment cleaning needs.

4- house cleaning cost calculator

5- what’s the cost of weekly house cleaning service?

6- how to determine one time cleaning cost?

7- do it yourself vs hiring a professional cleaning company?

8- What’s included in basic house cleaning service?

9- How much does it cost for a deep house cleaning service?

10- how much cost moving in / moving out  cleaning?

11- how much costs the ecological green cleaning?

12- how to hire the best residential house cleaning company in montreal?

13- what are the benefits of a regular house cleaning service?

14- how much cleaning companies charge per square foo?

15- what are the rates per hour?

16- apartment and condo cleaning

17- Move in / move out cleaning: what’s the difference?

18- what’s the montreal maids cleaning services rates?

19- how the home cleaning cost is estimated?

20- are there additional cleaning rates?

21- how to find the best house cleaning services near me?

22- house cleaning prices in montreal: are they the same in longueuil and laval?

23- what’s the average cost of house cleaning by size?

24- what are the house cleaning rates per hour

25- what are payment methods for residential and condo cleaning?





1- Why is it important to provide house cleaning services in Montreal?


2- Why use professional cleaning services?

3- What type of cleaning service do you need?


  Please tend to ask many questions either when sending an e-mail or on the phone. It’s their right because you’re not supposed to know everything about cleaning so that you get your house or apartment cleaned the way you want it. Actually, there are many types of cleaning services offered throughout Montreal by a large number of residential cleaning services. However, there are, mainly, two types: the regular cleaning service and the deep cleaning one. Regular cleaning service is more general and includes cleaning and mopping surfaces and floors, cleaning the kitchen and washrooms and some more basic cleanings. As for the deep clean, it’s more complete and detailed. In addition to the regular cleaning service, you get all the house perfectly cleaned. Some more places and corners will be washed, disinfected and sterilized. 

4- Why do you need to clean your house or apartment regularly?

  Keeping your apartment or house cleaned on regular basis is of great importance to your well-being. However, it can be a big struggle from your part. We know that coming back to a messy home is disappointing for everyone, especially after a stressful day at work.

  The Montreal Maids, leader of house cleaning services in Montreal and across Longueuil and Laval, is able to take this stress out and clean your house in no time. Hiring our services is the easiest and the big gift you can offer yourself. Why we are in the top place when it comes to residential cleaning services in Montreal? Because we are affordable, 24/7 customer service, background checked maids and cleaners and we are experienced. We are the trusted and most reliable house cleaning company in The Great Montreal Area.

5- A clean home is a happy home!

  With regular or one time off deep house cleaning service from The Montreal Maids, your home will always be clean and neat. Don’t worry anymore about visitors coming unexpectedly or when you come back home after a hectic day at work. Whether you are looking for recurring home cleaning services once a week, bi-weekly or once per month, we are ready. We promise to provide you with the best cleaning results. All of your home or apartment will shine again. We offer premium home cleaning service at affordable prices. How can we help you with your request? Our home cleaning services are flexible and will meet your specific cleaning needs. We are equipped to tackle all areas in your house. From vacuuming, mopping, washing to disinfecting all corners even the hidden ones, you will get it done by our professional maids and cleaners.

6- Do I need to create a cleaning schedule?

Creating a schedule can be very helpful when it comes to cleaning your house. Why? because you know your plans better than us. All what we can guarantee you is that we will deliver a great cleaning service that fits your own schedule and budget. Our pro maids will organize and clean your home or apartment in a sustainable way by using the best equipment and ecological, green cleaning solutions. We are certain that we will customize a good cleaning plan to tackle dirt and grime. To help us deliver the best cleaning possible, please fill the request form mentioning the areas that you wanted covered in the cleaning as well as whether you only need a detailed deep cleaning one time or you want to go for regular cleaning. The Montreal Maids is happy to help you get the top cleaning service you deserve.

7- Why choose The Montreal Maids services?

  The Montreal Maids is the symbol of the best cleaning services company in Montreal. Our professional housekeepers, maids and cleaners have extensive experience in the cleaning industry, residential or commercial and we usually receive positive feedback from our customers. Our cleaning process consists of identifying what our clients are looking for. Is it a regular, recurrent cleaning service or a one time deep clean. we always strive to make our clients satisfied 100%.

8- What can you do as a cleaning service?

  The Montreal Maids is able to turn your house into a place you always dreamed of. Forget about everything and let us clean the dust for you. Forget about dirty dishes in the sink, touches on the windows, unmade beds and floors covered with mud and shower. We are the dust busters!

9- What can you expect when hiring a cleaning service?

  It’s true that we expect great cleaning service when you hire the services of a cleaning company in Montreal for example. Why? because, simply, you’ve paid for it. However, before booking your cleaning, you have to make sure that you made the right choice. There are many cleaning companies in The Greater Montreal Area that invest in sales and marketing, but when it come to work, they send anybody to clean your house. They do not have their own team that they can train and make the necessary follow-up.

10- Yes We clean green!

  The Montreal Maids is the premium ecological green cleaning company in Montreal. We know that many companies advertise a lot in this respect, but they fail to deliver a real green cleaning service they promised. As for us, we are sur because we use only ecological certified cleaning products and all our maids are trained to use the right equipment and oxo-biodegradable cleaning solutions that are proven safe for your health.





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