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Top 10 Benefits of Cleaning Your House

top 10 benefits of cleaning your house 2020 


How clean is your house?

Through solid experience over a decade, The Montreal Maids has acquired the right expertise to clean your house in a professional way. Back through the years, we were only two guys to enter the world of residential cleaning industry in Montreal. Following our way to excellence and precious advices from our clients, we were able to build a quality reputed home cleaning company servicing Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and West Island.

So then! 

Looking for a professional service to take care of your home or apartment is necessary. You’ve got to make sure to select the right one that will meet your requirements, but that’s almost never the case as there’s a complex choice on the net.

In this 10 benefits topic of having a maid to do it for you, you’ll discover a couple of reasons why you should hire a professional home cleaning company to take care of the dirt.

This post doesn’t try to explain all the benefits that cleaning your house might bring to your health, but instead focuses on the main areas that an average person would know about cleaning.

Great,”cleanliness is from godliness

Keep in mind that you need to consider disinfecting your house as you and your family deserve to live in a healthy and more productive environment to your well-being. While you ca’t be 100% satisfied, evidence suggest that you go for a deep clean first, and possibly afterwards, use the regular service that will clean your house on regular basis.

When your house needs the first cleaning?

In fact, hiring a residential cleaning service to sterilize your house would be as soon as possible.

Finding the cleaning service that fits your specific cleaning needs, you’ll be able to sit back and let the maids do the hard work. 

When you clean your home you see that difficult task being taken care by professionals.

         – A clean home is healthy : for your family and the environment

         – No need for your supplies : we will provide the right equipment

         – Professionals will do the cleaning : our maids are highly trained

Cleaning your house is of paramount importance to preserve your family’s health and protecting the air from toxic chemicals.

        1. A sparkling home : because of the hectic life you don’t have time.

        2. Pay for what you get : you only be charged for the cleaning performed

        3. More free time : hiring someone to clean your house will “set you free.”

While the maids do the cleaning service, you’ll have more room to enjoy your life.

Cleaning is often tiring, but not always. (see do-it-yourself section)

Below are 10 benefits of cleaning your house by hiring a professional residential cleaning services company in Montreal.

Table of contents:

1- Your house will be much cleaner

2- You don’t need to provide supplies

3- Hiring professionals is better

4- Your house will be disinfected

5- you will enjoy a stress free lifestyle

6- your health is important to us

7- a more healthier appearance

8- consistent cleaning to be performed

9- you have a big choice of services

10- we are bonded and fully insured


1- Your House Will Be Much Cleaner

Well, it’s obvious that “a clean home is a happy home”, which is definitely true. Being able to get a cleaning service that exactly matches your needs will bring you less worries and peace of mind.

Whether you’ve finished your work you come back home for total relaxation, but may be this is not the case for you as your house hasn’t been cleaned for a while.

“For some cases, cleaning your home or apartment on your own is important. As a result, it may be beneficial to do it yourself and thus you would have saved a lot of money on long term.”

           – To help you do so, check our Cleaning Tips.

2- You Don’t Need To Provide Supplies
Once you’ve decided to go for a professional cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about providing cleaning supplies at all. However, it’s always accepted if you want to use your own supplies. 

Of course, cleaning supplies can cost you pretty good money, that’s why we highly recommend our cleaning products that are efficient and ecological.

“Also, the fact that you use your detergents, which may not be a quality one can further harm your new floors, appliances and surfaces.”

In fact, people tend to use non ecological cleaning products. That’s one reason why when hiring a professional cleaning service to insist on green service. This way you’re sure that your house will be cleaned in a sustainable way.

“when you pay for the cleaning service you need to ensure everything will be thoroughly cleaned. From main entrance to the balcony and from top to bottom. All have to be disinfected.” 

3- Hiring Professionals Is Definitely Better


Hiring a cleaning service is “important” for the well-being of your family’s health and so as to guarantee the results.

The cleaning to be performed includes :

     – Cleaning and vacuuming all florrs

     – Cleaning doors and light fixtures

     – Disinfecting the kitchen

     – Sterilizing the washrooms

     – Washing the windows

     – Emptying trash bins

In general, “hiring a cleaning service” will do this job.

So simply making the first step, calling a professional service, will likely take out stress out of your shoulders.

“Cleanliness seems to be the word. If you really care about the health of the ones you love and if you’re eco-responsible to protect the environment, go for a green clean.”

This brings us to the issue of how to make sure it’s a green cleaning services company? well, you need to take your time and read reviews to make sure. The number of companies offering ecological cleanings is in constant increase.

4- Your House Will Be Disinfected

Your home need to be disinfected often in order to ensure a healthier place to live in.

Some places in your house seem to be hot spots where germs and bacteria proliferate fast. Door knobs, appliances handles and upholstery are prone to this problem. Bacteria and viruses tend to attack these places.

Actually, disinfecting these cornes are of great importance to the well being of your family. Germs may spread there if you don’t react as soon as possible. Kitchens and toilets are most areas that help gather grime. They need to be sterilized immediately.

All accessories, including bedding and sofas are to be cleaned properly. In such a case, you need a professional cleaning service such as The Montreal Maids. We are experts in disinfecting your house thoroughly.

5- You Will Enjoy a Stress Free Lifestyle

By hiring The Montreal Maids, you will bring great benefits to your house. Several reasons will convince you to go for our cleaning solutions. What’s explained in this post are the main benefits of using a reliable residential cleaning company.

Quality home cleaning service is what we guarantee. Not all companies are able to offer the same stress-free cleaning solution that will take into consideration your schedule and budget.

We offer regular cleaning services at affordable rates. The first service will apply 20% off. We believe that you deserve to have a fresh and unique regular cleaning to your welfare. 

6- Your Health Is Important to Us

” Cleanliness is near godliness.” Well, actually it’s true. By hiring a good residential service, your house will result in much healthier place.

This will further enhance your good morale. An organized and tidy home is necessary, especially after a hard day at work. To make sure, hire a good cleaning service near you.

The Montreal Maids is aware of this truth. That’s why we deliver quality and stress free home cleaning service that will sterilize all areas including hidden ones.

Be warned: home that doesn’t clean on regular basis is likely to be attacked by bad bacteria and germs. Here we talk about the most vulnerable places, kitchens and washrooms. 

7- A More Healthier Appearance

The Montreal Maids is based on solid foundations when it comes to cleaning your house. We promise to un-clutter everything. From top to bottom cleaning service. That’s what you receive.

For example, If you go for a regular clean, our maids will plan your service in advance. Each time or visit, one part at a time will be cleaned.

What we guarantee you:

     – Customized cleaning services

     – Bonded and fully insured

     – Easy online booking

     – Get a free estimate

8- Consistent Cleaning to Be Performed

Tired of cleaning on your own? 

We are here to help…

Our customers throughout The Great Montreal Area are happy with the services delivered to them. Why? because our maids did a great job. They take their time to clean the whole house thoroughly.

Professional cleaning service will be performed by experienced and highly dedicated cleaners. Their job is detail oriented and consistent. We always guarantee the results. 

For more detailed explanation of regular cleaning service, we recommend reading the House Cleaning section.

9- You Have a Big Choice of Services

Our services are a wide variety. From recurrent cleaning at different frequencies to spring deep cleaning services. All what you need to do is to determine which type fits your need and our maids will be happy to start.

The Montreal Maids is a cost-effective cleaning service to trust. Our prices are reasonable and will consider your personal budget. In addition, green cleaning products will be used to ecologically clean your house.

10- We Are Bonded And Fully Insured

When you hire a professional residential cleaning company, make sure they are insured. It will protect your belongings. In case there is a damage, you’re totally covered. 

General Liability insurance doesn’t confirm the quality of service delivered. However, you will feel at ease and peace of mind since the insurance cover your belongings. It’s actually good for the maids as well. They will feel confident and deliver a good cleaning you’re looking for.

A great way to find a bonded and insured cleaning service in Montreal is to ask for the contract. Thus, you’re sure that your house is in good hands.

Trust The Montreal Maids,

Get a great cleaning,

Most importantly, enjoy your time

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