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Green Cleaning Services in Montreal

   Are you looking for safe and green home or office cleaning service? then, you are at the right place. The Montreal Maids use only eco-friendly, green cleaning products that will leave your home or office fresh-smelling and sparkling clean.

What is a green cleaning?

Green cleaning can have a lot of meanings, but the main aim is to use the green cleaning solutions that keep our home or office a healthy place. Green cleaning, on the whole, refers to using cleaning methods that are considered eco-responsible, designed to preserve human health and environment quality. Green cleaning products and techniques avoid the use of cleaning products that may contain toxic chemicals, which may cause respiratory and dermatological problems. 

Switching to green cleaning solutions is good for the health of your family or employees, and prevent unnecessary chemicals from being released into the air.

At The Montreal Maids, we are aware of this fact. Our team composed of highly qualified maids and cleaners, is ready to clean your home or office in a sustainable way. Implementing green cleaning effectively will reduce pollution, maintain better air quality and reduce exposure to allergy-causing substances.

Get your house or office responsibly cleaned today! 

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