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                                                                                  A clean office looks appealing

  Having a clean and healthy workplace is a major cornerstone when it comes to running a successful business. This is why you need to make sure your office is cleaned on a regular basis. The clean environment will give a healthy and happy lifestyle to your company. 

  At The Montreal Maids we are aware of this fact. Our highly qualified cleaners will clean your office in a sustainable way by using eco-friendly, green cleaning products to the welfare of your employees and customers.

  Importance of keeping your office clean 

Professional appearance is important to gain respect in the business world. Positive energy can be created by a confortable physical environment. Below are some more few reasons why it’s important to keep your office clean.

– First impression

In business, first impressions are key to success. A dirty workplace may reflect poorly on your company. Positive experience will create long-lasting business relationships.

– Happy employees & customers

 A clean office benefits both customers and employees. When your prospective customer visits your office and sees it’s not well-kept, they will, certainly, think poorly of the business as awhole. You also need to consider your employees health concerns. It’s true that a healthy body is the home of a healthy mind. Build up dust, lint or pollen can cause serious health issues. Therefore, you need to make sure that your employees have a safe and clean environment. This will allow them to remain healthy and increase their overall productivity.

Details we will cover :

Reception Area

  • dust/mop wood floor
  • vacuum carpet
  • clean front entrance glass
  • dust furniture
  • remove cobwebs from baseboards/ceiling

 Kitchen area

  • clean countertops
  • clean/disinfect sink
  • clean/shine refregirator front
  • wipe out dishwasher
  • wipe out microwave in/out
  • vacuum/mop floor
  • remove cobwebs from baseboards/ceiling
  • clean cabinets from outside
  • wipe kitchen furniture
  • clean doorknobs/frames
Bathroom area
  • clean/disinfect rest rooms
  • clean/disinfect vanity
  • clean/disinfect sink
  • clean mirrors
  • sweep/mop floors
  • clean/disinfect toilets, basins, wipe down walls
  • refill all paper, soap and sanitary napkin dispensers
  • empty all trash baskets and replace liners
  • place trash in designated areas
Office area
  • dust all desks, lamps shades, chairs, sills and partition tops
  • vacuum floors
  • spot clean walls and carpets
  • dust ceiling air vent returns
  • disinfect all telephones
  • dust all work station from ceiling to baseboard
  • clean copiers, fax machines and file cabinets
  • empty all trash baskets and put it in designated place
Conference room
  • dust and polish all tables
  • disinfect all telephones
  • sweep/mop all floors
  • dust/clean all lamps
  • dust all chairs, sills and picture frames
  • empty trash baskets, replace liners and put trash in designated area

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