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Best Moving In/Out Cleaning Services in Montreal

   If you’re moving to a new house, apartment or condo, then you are probably in high spirit. But it can be a very stressful time as there is so much to take care of from packing to decorating your new home or apartment. The Montreal Maids is here to help. We are the best cleaning company in Montreal when it comes to end of tenancy/lease cleaning services, moving in / moving out cleaning services. Our maids are highly trained. They exactly know what our customers expect. 

  Are you anticipating a move in or moving out in the near future? Then, let our experts handle the details.

Details we will cover :


  • top to bottom dusting
  • wipe baseboards
  • clean door frames
  • dust electrical outlets
  • remove any cobwebs
  • remove all trash
  • vacuum/mop floor


  • top to bottom dusting
  • wipe down countertops and cabinets
  • clean/disinfect cabinets and drawers
  • clean inside sink
  • clean inside of oven
  • clean inside of fridge
  • clean light switches
  • mop/vacuum floor
  • clean baseboards and ceiling
  • remove trash and disinfect
  • top to bottom dusting
  • disinfect toilets and tub
  • clean/disinfect shower
  • wipe down inside of drawers
  • wipe down inside of cabinets
  • remove all trash
 Living room
  • top to bottom dusting
  • clean baseboards
  • clean windows sills
  • clean door frames and door knobs
  • wipe down shutters
  • clean furniture
  • dust shelves and pictures
  • dust table tops
  • vacuum carpets
  • clean blinds


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