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10 Easy Ways to Clean Your House in Montreal

10 easy ways to clean your house in Montreal  

  House Cleaning Services Montreal a really important part of getting a clean home or apartment

  Are you thinking of cleaning your house or are you worried about finding the time to do it? well, people tend to spend most of their time at work, which makes it difficult to do the cleaning of their homes on their own.

  You can fix this problem, either by hiring a professional cleaning service to do it at your place or follow these steps that will simplify the job for you. 

 Here Are Some 10 Easy Ways to Clean Your House in Montreal

1- how to start your house cleaning services in Montreal?

2- Why should you prioritize your cleaning task?

3- how to organize your cleaning?

4- how can you clean your house with pets dander everywhere?

5- how to get rid of allergies and asthma by a good cleaning?

6- do i need to thoroughly deep clean my house as allergy sufferer?

7- how to control dust and dander?

8- how to clean moisture?

9- how can i find a reliable cleaning company in montreal?

10- why cleaning your house is a top priority?


1- How to start your house cleaning services in Montreal?

  You can save steps by using a bucket or caddy to cart cleaning tools and supplies from one room to another. A big house may need two cleaning caddies well stored for easy access and a vacuum cleaner on each floor. You need to focus and concentrate. Try your best not to get distracted while you’re cleaning your house or apartment. You may not pay attention, but once you start cleaning you gain some momentum that works in your favor. Pick a room or cleaning task and stick with it until you’re fully done. If the telephone rings let your answering machine do the job.

  What else you can do? Work your plan. Clean each room in a clockwise direction. Start from the door to make sure that every corner gets deep cleaned.

2- Why you should prioritize your cleaning task?

  First, take shortcuts. Leave dishes to air dry. In order to make your work easier and more efficient, replace a top sheet and quilt with a duvet and cover. Look for other ways to save time on home chores. If you want to make an ideal job, consider lowering your standards so as to create some free time.

  Don’t make any work. You shouldn’t waste time washing walls and you only need to spot clean it. If your clothes aren’t very dirty after one use, wear them for another time to save on laundry. If you’re used to iron your sheets, don’t feel that you really must do it. Take the necessary time you’ve saved and do something for yourself, with your family or friends.

3- How to organize your cleaning?


  Get used to developing your routines. When you clean in an organized way, you clean more efficiently. If you do this on regular basis and every time, your cleaning of your home will become automatic. You’ll reach one point where you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing and it feels less like work. 

  Go easy on your cleaning. Always make it a habit. Start with the least harsh cleaners. You’ll be less apt to ruin things during the cleaning process. As for example, when you try to take out a stain or soil, try water first. If it doesn’t budge, you can then try something stronger such as a dishwashing detergent or an all purpose cleaner. Do the same with cleaning tools. If a cellulose sponge doesn’t do the work, try a nylon scrubbing sponge. The next step is to clean up spills right away. It’s far easier to clean them up when they’re still fresh rather than when they’ve dried, whether they’re in a kitchen counter, in your oven or on your cloths.

  Then you can empty the trash. Place wastebaskets wherever garbage accumulates, bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining room. When purchasing furnishings or clothes, always look for items that resist stains and easy to clean and care for.

4- How can you clean your house with pets dander everywhere?

  Keeping your house clean with pet dander found is a hard task. Dogs and cat allergens are everywhere in almost any home in Montreal. Whether or not dogs or cats live there. Most is found in sofas, especially upholstered sofas. This dander might trigger asthma. Dog allergens have been detected in almost all home where pets are living. The level is almost high enough to cause harm. Where does this come from? Perhaps, it is tracked into the home on clothes and rubs of where people commonly sit. It also gets into the air. HEPA filters can help reduce exposure levels. 

5- How to get rid of allergies and asthma by a good cleaning?

  Regular cleaning can help reduce allergens and irritants that cause allergic reactions. When you clean countertops, wiping down more than germs, you’re also taking out pollen, pet dander, dust mites and mold spores, the most common indoor allergies.If you’re allergy sufferer, you already know more about the subject than what was explained so far. but, if you’re new to living with an allergic person or suspect that you or other members of your family may be developing allergies, here are a few steps to follow.

  Allergic reactions can range from being mildly uncomfortable to being life-threatening, as in a serious asthma attack. Some common signs and symtoms are watery eyes, running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, itching, coughing headache and fatigue. It’s evident that signs like a sudden onset of wheezing and difficulty breathing should be addressed immediately by your doctor.

6- Do I need to thoroughly deep clean my house as allergy sufferer?

  While a regular and thoroughly house cleaning is highly recommended for allergy sufferer, the fact of cleaning itself can worsen symptoms. It’s important to avoid cleaning in the presence of someone allergic. If possible, clean when they’re out, and allow at least an hour after the cleaning is performed before the person comes back home. This way, any remaining stirred up allergens and dust can settle down and the air will clear. If you’re the person concerned, sufferer! wearing a face mask during cleaning might help. You can clean a bit at a time, rather than everything all at once. If your allergies are serious find some way to hire a cleaning service near you or barter with someone who can do the cleaning for you. At The Montreal Maids, we are experienced home cleaning company servicing Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and West Island. We are happy to lend a hand.

  At the end, you there are three things you can do to manage allergens in your house and lessen allergy symptoms.

7- How to control dust and dander?

  It goes without saying that every home has mites. These microscopic creatures live off human and animal dander and other particles that make up household dust. Mites thrive not only dust but also in any type of sofas, upholstery, rugs and carpets, and bedding. You may not completely eliminate them, but with regular cleaning you’ll be able to minimize them. So, if you suffer from allergy to dust mites here are some steps to stick to:

  – You can dust with a wet cloth. Dry cloths and feather dusters only spread them in the air.

  – Vacuum all rugs and carpets, upholstered furniture.

  – Use vacuums with high-efficiency with slipcovers to be washed from time to time.

  – Clean and mop floors instead of only sweeping.

  – Choose washable curtains as they don’t collect dust.

  – Change wall to wall carpets with smooth flooring and area rugs.

  – Try to keep your dog or cat from furniture as possible.

8- How to clean moisture?

  Well, actually mold gives some signs of its presence in your house. Moisture on hard surfaces or stains of water are the imminent signs to consider. In general, mold attacks basements, washrooms, fridges and trash bins. In order to take control you’ll need to clean mold on hard surfaces by using some special cleaners that you can buy in specialized supermarkets near you. You can also prevent mold by keeping drip pans in your air conditioner and fridge. You may use a dehumidifier to keep relative humidity under 60%. Another easy way to avoid mold is to open windows and use fans. To make sure, you can ask for a specialized company to check as it’s counts on your family’s health, after all.

9- How can I find a reliable cleaning company in Montreal ?

  It’s true that cleaning your house or apartment on your own is money saving. However, if you have some serious issues such as the ones explained above, you will definitely need a professional service to get you out. Once you have a problem of allergy, it’s better to delegate. The money you put is actually an investment in the well-being of your family. We at The Montreal Maids do fully understand that you want a healthy environment. That’s why we offer the best cleaning services throughout The Great Montreal Area. Our services are affordable and are adjusted to meet your own schedule and budget.

10- Why cleaning your house is a top priority?

  Many scientific studies such the article in the Journal Of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2004, January, supports the theory that exposing children to microbes and potential allergy triggers early in life helps shape the likelihood that they will be developing allergies later on.  

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