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4 Tips for a Good House Cleaning Services

4 tips to clean your house in Montreal  longueuil laval

  House Cleaning Services in Montreal, a really important part of getting a clean home or apartment

  Cleaning your house by yourself can be a big chore. It’s challenging and needs certain amount of skills so as to do it correctly. You may think that you’re actually cleaning, but in fact you’re just piling up work. You need to adopt certain strategy and create your own cleaning schedule.

  If you really want to clean your house efficiently, check out these easy tips to help you get a good house cleaning.

1- how to clean your house in Montreal?

2- What’s your strategy for cleaning your house?

3- is cleaning your house a challenge?

4- how to assist your kids when they’re cleaning?


1- How to clean your house in Montreal?

  You actually need to implicate your family in the cleaning of your house or apartment. This way you will make them responsible. They’ll know the importance of keeping their home clean, otherwise they’ll have to suffer. As you know cleaning your house on your own is a difficult and unpleasant task. Even your kids can lend a hand at their level, of course.

  They can follow you from behind and do the minimum possible. They can clean the baseboards or their toys. It can also be a contest among your children of who will finish first. They can also clean the tables. In general, kids like imitating their parents. So, you can use this factor to engage them in helping you with the cleaning. 

  It depends how old your children are. So, you can dispatch the task in relation to their age. For younger ones,they can put away clothes feed pets and pull weeds in the garden. As for older children, they can wash and dry dishes, load and empty the dishwasher, sort laundry and help wash the car for example. As for adults, they actually can do the regular cleaning and even deep cleaning task.

  In order to organize yourself, you can run meetings with your family. You outline regular responsibilities and expectations. Only start with the small task first. An example is that each one of you makes his bed every morning. This will get you into a routine of cleaning your room on daily basis. 

  Do not forget to set a certain checklist for your kids as they are not used to cleaning. They don’t know from where to start. Always encourage them and enforce whatever was agreed upon. 

2- What’s your strategy for cleaning your house?

  You need to set privileges to getting the cleaning done efficiently. If the job is not done don’t reward. Some privileges can be going to the movies, call on a friend, watching tv or using computer. However, not to be hard on your kids, you can offer other alternatives such as a little salary on a weekly basis as an incentive. It may also teach them how to manage their finances in future. 

  When you engage your family in cleaning your house, they may need to follow a plan so that they finish in beauty. At first, you have to make a certain easy-going follow-up and praise them to strengthen their self esteem. With time, you will no more need to inspect after them. They’ll get used and they will do it because it’s their own home. So, you don’t need any more instruction, direct involvement or the demonstration of new tasks. 

  Show your appreciation and valorise your kids efforts and contribution to cleaning your house.

3- Is cleaning your house a challenge?


  If you don’t get what you were expecting from your family’s help in cleaning their home? well, don’t worry, they’re not supposed to do so. Either you go step by step and make them love sharing the task with you, or do it on your own. We know it’s difficult. You may go for a professional cleaning service near you. The Montreal Maids is the best example. 

  However, it’s not that difficult. You can use some tips such as using a dry erase board to write the tasks and ask each one to choose what he or she like to do. Make a list of routine chores that have to be performed on daily basis. When you’ve finished your task, rotate the schedule.

4- How to assist your kids when they’re cleaning?

  It’s very important to have an eye on your children while they’re cleaning. Why? well, because they may not use the cleaning products correctly. This is for your kids safety. 

  Always make it a habit for them to put away toys and declutter before starting the cleaning. It’ll be much easier for them and will get them organized. By teaching them to do so, they’ll keep learn in their adult lives. 

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