A color-coded cleaning system 

by the montreal maids

                       Prevention of Cross-Contamination

  Cleaning Cloths Color-Coding :

– Red for toilets & washrooms

– Yellow for risk of bacteria contamination areas

– Blue for glass and mirrors

 Green for public areas   

  The Montreal Maids is committed to providing you with high quality and unique cleaning services. Many cleaning companies across The Great Montreal Area, tend to clean houses or commercial facilities using the same cloths for several times, which makes the areas cleaned dirtier or more germy. In fact, cross contamination is becoming a serious issue. Touching a contaminated surface will quickly spread diseases around your property. 

  Nowadays, we are facing hard moments with the devastating Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The Montreal Maids is aware of this fact. That’s why we offer a unique cleaning experience in Montreal. Our maids and cleaners have been trained to use the color coding program in a professional way. Our aim with each cleaning performed is to create a safer environment. 

  Bacterial Cross Contamination is defined as the bacteria of germs or other microorganisms from one place to another. Avoiding contamination of bacteria during the cleaning process is of paramount importance. If you want to maintain hygiene standards across your facility. It’s evident that cloths can easily hold viruses in their fibers, which will cause serious health issues if used in the wrong environment. 

  There are many advantages in integrating a color-coding program in our services. The main benefit is controlling the infection and preventing cross-contamination. So, it’s becoming urgent more than any other time before, to go for a complete disinfecting deep cleaning by The Montreal Maids, unique color coding cleaning system. We are determined to reduce the potential risk of cross contamination and increase hygiene throughout your home or business.  


  The Montreal Maids, the most trusted green cleaning company in Montreal. With over 15 years of experience, we will, certainly, meet your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

  At The Montreal Maids, we put your safety first. We use only eco-friendly, green cleaning products to clean your home or office in order to establish a healthy and fresh-smelling home or working place.

  The Montreal Maids is a house and commercial office green cleaning company servicing The Island of Montreal, Longueuil and Laval. Confidentiality, experience and ethical business practices have established our company as the most trusted cleaning company in The Greater Montreal Area.

 Coronavirus Prevention and the urgent need for a deep clean!

  Spring deep cleaning of your house or office is becoming an urgency. Coronavirus prevention is of paramount importance for the safety of your family, employees and clients alike across Montreal and all over the country.

  Coronavirus has put cleaning on top of priorities for everyone. So, it makes sense that there is a huge pressure on cleaning businesses across the region. But, what should be focused on, nowadays, is how are the residential and commercial cleaning services protecting their clients from the coronavirus. 

  At The Montreal Maids, we make sure that all your house or office is totally disinfected and sterilized. We take cleaning seriously, to a whole different level. We go far as not to cross-contaminate different areas of the homes or commercial facilities. To make sure our maids and cleaners do not spread germs from one room to the next, The Montreal Maids decided to use a color-coded system. That is, each color is used for one area only. As for example, the green cloths are only used in living rooms and common areas, while the blues are used for glass and mirrors. The red cloths are for the kitchen and washrooms, why? because they are the most alarming places in your house. It’s where germs and viruses proliferate quickly.

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