affordable house cleaning services montreal

Affordable House Cleaning Services

affordable house cleaning services in montreal  

  Montreal Maids has provided affordable house cleaning services for over 15 years. We are happy to keep your home safe and clean. Our excellent maids take care of residential cleaning services across Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and West Island.

  Schedule your cleaning spot today. We’ll fix an appointment quickly. We will take your personal plans into consideration. 

schedule your spot, affordable house cleaning services

  Montreal Maids is highly dedicated cleaning company you can trust. If you live in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and West Island, we are the one. We expand our services to share our experience with you anywhere. So, you can request cleaners in your region easily.

serve montreal, affordable house cleaning services

  Montreal Maids is listed top cleaning company across the city. Our services are reasonably priced. Excellent house cleaning services are at your hand.

top rated affordable house cleaning services

  Discover a hassle-free basic cleaning service. This is the best way to clean your house. We guarantee the results. Your home will feel like new once again. Our standards for cleaning are high.

basic cleaning services

  Montreal Maids ensures quality cleaning services you deserve. Free supplies and equipment are delivered at each visit. But, you can ask the cleaner to use your own cleaning products if your wish. 

supplies provided by montreal maids

  You may be able to clean your home on your own. However, some hidden areas are difficult to reach. That’s where comes our spring cleaning solutions. It’s on the way. Spring season is coming. It’s time for a deep cleaning service.

spring affordable house cleaning services

  At the end of lease, you need to clean your apartment. Landlords are there to check. Whether you move in or move out, you have to clean your place. Yes, we know this can be challenging. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

move in move out cleaning montreal

  It goes without saying that a clean home is a happy home. Because you need it cleaned on regular basis is the reason. In order to keep it safe and tidy, a regular, recurrent cleaning is required. Montreal Maids is ready to serve you anytime.

regular cleaning service

  Montreal Maids, best house cleaning services company, is ready. After construction or renovation work, you need a professional cleaner. Serious cleaning is what you need in such case. e will restore your home to the perfect condition.

post construction renovation cleaning

  You need to keep your building common areas clean. The lobby, stairs, lift and entrances are important. This eliminates germs and bacteria from spreading. Montreal Maids will keep your building sparkly clean. Affordable house cleaning services is what we guarantee.

building common areas cleaning

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