How to Clean Your House Fast: 11 Efficient House Cleaning Hacks [Video]

how to clean your house fast: 11 efficient house cleaning hacks  

  We all don’t like to clean, yet we want a clean house. So, are are there any best ways to clean your home fast.

  Most people aren’t certain if they have to dust or vacuum first. They don’t know whether to start with the kitchen or prioritize the washroom.

 We invite you to follow this step-by-step house cleaning guide, which is based on years of imminent experience. This will help you get the best of your time, dust and clean your house fast 

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 fast house cleaning hacks


1- All the house to be clean, not one room at a time

  It’s more professional and time-saving if you perform one task ( vacuuming, dusting and then mopping ). Repeat the same task in each room of the house, instead of cleaning the kitchen, the washrooms and ultimately your bedrooms. If you do it this way, you will find yourself in an endless task. You will, thus, be able to start once again from scratch.

all house to be cleaned, how to clean house fast

2- All cleaning tools to be gathered in a caddy

  You need to gather your cleaning tools in bucket or a caddy. This makes your job much more easy to perform well and get it done right. Using this method ill enable you to save time instead of looking for equipment here and there. You won’t worry anymore about putting them together for the next cleaning task.

all cleaning tools in a caddy, how to clean house fast

3- Declutter your house

It is highly recommended to check each room and do the decluttering first. If you do this correctly, you will create enough space to make an efficient cleaning. As for items collected, you can, either, put them away, throw them or donate part of it to some people who might be interested in.

declutter your house, how to clean house fast

4- Dusting & Vacuuming your house

  Make it a habit the ceiling fans are put off before you start dusting your house. The reason is that it will spread the dust everywhere. Focus your work on furniture surfaces and down the shelves, handrails, frames, counter tops, computer and TV screens. If there are some unreachable areas such as blind, baseboards or upper shelves, you can put a micro-fiber cloth at the end of a mop. When doing the bedroom, it’s better to change the sheets beforehand.

dusting & vacuuming house, how to clean house fast

5- Glass & Mirrors to be wiped well

  First, you need to use only one wet micro-fiber cloth. After that, you make use of a dry one for wiping the mirror or glass surfaces. If you follow this easy step, you will get a streak-free and shine household mirrors every time.

glass & mirrors to be wiped, how to clean fast

6- How to disinfect counter tops and all surface areas?

  You need to cover all your house and get the surfaces wiped down. From top to bottom, everything should be disinfected properly. Counter tops, appliances, cabinets and doorknobs have to be sanitized with no exception. Special concentration is to be made on surfaces that are touched most of the time by peoples’ hands and faces. When disinfecting these high traffic areas, make sure you reach hidden corners or points. Make use of special disinfection cleaning services that are proven safe for your health. Germs can be just about everywhere in your house. By keeping your households germ-free, you are certain to avoid infectious illnesses from spreading. So, follow these simple tips to get the upper hand with bacteria. 

how to disinfect counter tops & surfaces, ho to clean fast

7- Concentrate your cleaning on tubs, sinks and toilets

  To do so, you start by spraying the cleaner on the kitchen sink then on bathroom sinks. Give it some minutes in order for the detergent to dissolve dirt, stains and grease. After that, go back and scrub the kitchen sink carefully. As for the microwave or stove, you need to wipe it down from inside. The toilet tub can be done at the end. Try to organize your garbage disposal in tip-top shape. If you don’t know how to correctly do it, click here to get some useful garbage disposal cleaning tips you need to know.

cleaning tubs, sinks and toilets, how to clean house fast

8- Sweep first and then mop

  You can start by sweeping the kitchen and washroom. First you do inside and head towards the doorway. always rinse the mop once you’ve finished. You’ll want to do this on hard floor surface. After that, you can mop the floor as needed. 

sweep, then mop, how to clean fast

9- Vacuum in long corn while moving

  Montreal Maids secrets to efficient vacuuming is to keep moving through the house. Also, try to run the vacuum-cleaner in all carpeted rooms in one pass through. You can make the entire lenght of the room in a straight way.

vacuuming in long corn hile moving, how to clean house fast

10- It’s very important to clean & disinfect your cleaning tools

  People tend to forget about cleaning and disinfecting their cleaning equipment. It should be a priority to sanitize your tools after every cleaning is complete. When reusing a mop or a cloth that’s not washed, you will spread viruses and cause the cross-contamination issue. The result is harming your health and the need for more time and energy once again.

clean & disinfect your cleaning tools, how to clean house fast

11- Make the family cleaning fun by integrating the group activities

  By making a family cleaning a group activity, you’ll be able to clean your house fast. You can set a flexible plan to fit your kids schedule in advance. Each member of your family can do one task at a time. Cleaning is a group makes the overall atmosphere a fun. You won’t realize how fast your home ill be cleaned completely.

  Always make sure all the equipment are used correctly by your family members in order to avoid any water damage.

family cleaning in group activities team work, how to clean house fast

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