Montreal Top Rated House Cleaning Service

Montreal Top Rated House Cleaning Service

       montreal top rated house cleaning service

  The Montreal Maids is founded to service you with high quality cleaning solutions. With the aim to improve the value of residential house cleaning services, we are able to fit your schedule and meet your needs. We focus on high standard cleaning service as well as excellent customer service. The products we use are another essential part of our cleaning success. All supplies are provided by The Montreal Maids. The detergent used are non-toxic and green. The cleaning equipment are modern and efficient for the well-being of your house.

  The Montreal Maids team is composed of highly trained and thoroughly dedicated cleaners. They have undergone an ongoing training to deliver a memorable training experience for you. We motivate our staff to retain the best of them in the market. We were able to stand above the competition and give our clients the type of cleaning services they deserve.

  Nowadays, we live a rapid and hectic life. People tend to spend most of their time at work. So, they hardly find time to do the cleaning of their homes on their own. That’s where comes our role. We are here to clean the dust for you. We fully understand your worries. There is another advantage that will convince you to hire our services. It’s the fact that we are professional, available and sustainable. Our team makes use of green cleaning products that are proven safe for your health.The green factor is of paramount importance in our cleaning services.

  Whether you want a regular, general cleaning or a one time deep and disinfecting service, we are the best company for you. Your house or apartment will be completely cleaned. Our clients across Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and West Island have been reported happy. They even recommend our services to their neighbors and friends alike. There’s no better feeling relaxed at a clean and organized home. We are sure to professionally maintain your home and bring cleanliness and freshness back to it. We can work with you and create a personalized house cleaning service that will fit your own needs.  

  We are proud to be the best commercial office cleaning services throughout Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, south shore, north shore and downtown Montreal. We are a premium house cleaning services company to provide 100% satisfied cleaning service. We specialize in residential cleaning services in Montreal, daycare cleaning services, restaurant cleaning services, medical/dental cleaning services, retail store cleaning services and fitness/gym cleaning services in Montreal. We use green,eco-friendly, green cleaning products for the safety of your employees and client

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