How To Clean Your Apartment or Condo Montreal? Longueuil Laval west island

Post Renovation Cleaning Montreal Longueuil


  At The Montreal Maids we prioritize our service designed for post renovation cleaning. Your house is now more beautiful after being refurbished, but you need to take out dust and all left debris to make it shine once again. We are your best partner then. Our highly personal post renovation or after builders cleanings are exactly what you’re looking for. Our team of skilled maids are trained to tackle this type of cleaning in a green professional way. All floors will be thoroughly cleaned, plaster and paint will be removed. Surfaces, doors and windows frames and sills will be totally removed until your house is returning back to its original state, sparkling clean again. When we perform the post construction cleaning we focus on the kitchen and toilets and we make sure they are sterilized and sanitized.

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