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What are the steps to clean your kitchen?

what are the steps to clean your kitchen ?

  What are the steps to clean your kitchen? 

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the rooms in your home that requires special attention because it represents the ideal place for the proliferation of bacteria. It must therefore be sterilized and disinfected. Where to start?

First the dishes. Always try to clean the dishes you just used and never allow them to accumulate. After proving you clean the kitchen floor because it contains residue that can be carried to other parts of the house. Also, it is necessary to disinfect the hob using a hot water sponge with a few soda crystals. The oven and microwave are a necessary part of the cleanliness of your kitchen. It should be cleaned from the outside and the inside using damp sponges. Then comes the turn of the cupboards and the fridge. We provide you with a well-trained residential cleaning team who will be happy to clean your kitchen for you. 

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