What's a regular cleaning and what's a deep clean?

What’s a regular cleaning and what’s a deep clean?


  It’s not easy to give the right definition to cleaning as there are many types of cleaning services. But, on the whole, cleaning is the act of making something clean and tidy by removing dirt or grime. If it’s a house or apartment , it’s by cleaning all of it from door to balcony by disinfecting and sterilizing the kitchen and the washrooms, by removing the cobwebs. 

What’s the deep clean? 

Well, actually, it’s the next step after the regular, general cleaning. This means that it’s highly recommended before the regular clean is performed on regular basis, once a week, every two weeks, or on a monthly basis. 

What’s the main difference between the two cleanings? 

The regular cleaning is much easier for the maid, because it only deals with mopping, vacuuming and cleaning the surfaces. As for the deep clean, the name explains itself, you go deep on your cleaning. It’s more detailed and more disinfecting. It prepares your house or apartment for the regular cleaning service. It includes the general cleaning as well as cleaning the cupboards, baseboards, inside and outside of the fridge, behind and under the refrigerator and the bed, window to be cleaned from inside and outside.

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