Montreal First House Cleaning Services

montreal first house cleaning services    

    Welcome to a new kind of cleaning services in Montreal. The quality of our home cleaning service is unique. With our memorable experience, we are certain to keep your house or apartment sparkling clean once again. We offer a variety of cleaning services near you more than any other residential house cleaning company. If you compare our prices to other established cleaning companies in Montreal, you will find the secret to our success.    

weekly cleaning services in montreal

   The Montreal Maids, best weekly house cleaning services company, is ready for your home. We are different from other companies. Our weekly cleaning service is designed to meet your specific needs.

green cleaning products montreal

    We offer green cleaning products that are proven safe for you and your family. We provide effective eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep your house in top shape. 

dusting sweeping cleaning montreal

     The Montreal Maids delivers high quality dusting such as removing cobwebs, dust the ceiling fans and baseboards. All your furniture and upholstery will be cleaned. 

vacuuming sofas and beds

     The Montreal Maids, best cleaning company, is certain to exceed your expectations. No matter how big your house, apartment or condo is, we are the one. With over 15 years in the cleaning industry, we have the right tools.  

clean bathrooms and kitchen in montreal

    Our highly qualified maids and cleaners pay close attention to some places. In particular, it’s the high traffic areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen. These places tend to gather a lot of grime and bacteria.

cleaning oven and stove montreal

    Our complementary services are cleaning your oven and stove from inside and outside. Your refrigerator as well is to be sanitized in/out. Our maids will also fold clothes for you, sweep your patios amd clean the doors and entry ways.

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